Eneloop XX AA batteries 2500 mAh NiMH x4

Household Batteries
New. XX powered by eneloop.
The rechargeable battery for devices with medium-to-high power consumption.

You have already been interested in low-self-discharge batteries but so far you were not satisfied with the little capacity?
SANYO takes the opinion of its customers very seriously and therefore is releasing XX powered by eneloop.

With its typical capacity of 2500 mAh this rechargeable battery suits devices with a high power consumption such as digital cameras
particularly well. XX powered by eneloop also offers you the advantages of a disposable battery and is coming pre-charged in stores.
This way the batteries are ready to use right after being purchased.
Because of the low self-discharge the batteries retain up to 75% of their capacity even after one year of storage.
The economy and environment friendliness are ensured by having 500 cycles.

manufacturer Sanyo
technology Ni-MH
model Mignon (AA)
voltage 1.2 V